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We are here to help you find the care that’s right for you

Finding the right care home for yourself or a loved one is an important decision, and then there’s the question of how you’ll fund the care, which is why we provide a clear guide to our fees for each care home. With so much to think about it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. But we’re here to help you get started and make the process more manageable.

At Care UK we believe in supporting your family to navigate the process of finding a care home. This section has more about choosing a care home, funding care, the moving in process, and other sources of information and support that you may want to explore. And, remember, you can call us at any time if you have any questions.

Do I need care

Care can be provided in various ways and in various settings. We want you to be informed about the benefits of moving to a care home, and to consider if home care (care-at-home) is appropriate.

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What is a care home?

Finding the right care for a loved one can be a stressful process – especially if this is your first time looking. How do you know if a care home is the right option? To help you answer that question, we've created a guide explaining what care homes are and who they are for.  

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Choosing a care home

Understanding the type of care you need is an important first step in finding a care home that is right for you. Searching for the right care home is not something any of us do every day. Often when the time does come, it can be quite stressful for all involved. Whether one of our homes is right for you or not, we are here to provide some guidance on the factors you might want to consider in choosing a care home.

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Booking a viewing

Many of our care homes offer either in-person show rounds, video tours or online one-to-one consultations to help and support you through your care journey.

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Moving in

When considering a care home, do ask the manager about the moving in process and the support they offer to help your loved one to settle in as quickly as possible. It’s also important that a home supports you and your family to feel involved and engaged in your loved one’s move, and in their life in the home. Care homes are communities and family involvement is a vital part of care home life.

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Support at a stressful time

We know that finding the right care can be quite a challenge. We’re here to provide whatever help you need. If you’re looking for a care home for yourself or a loved one do get in touch with us and we’ll help you to identify exactly what services are right for you.

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What affects cost

Depending on your situation, you may be eligible for government assistance in meeting some, or all, of your care costs. Learn more about care funding: what’s involved and who decides what.

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Get in touch

We know that finding the right care can be a challenge, but we’re here to help

If you’re finding it hard to track down the information you need, or are unsure about the right questions to ask, we can help. Our Colchester-based Care Support team provides free advice and support, seven days a week.

About our care support team

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Get in touch


We’ve brought together many of the questions that families often ask us. If you need more information, or have any other questions, give our friendly team a call.


Care can be provided in various ways and in various settings. We want you to be informed about the benefits of moving to a care home, and to consider if home care (care-at-home) is appropriate. Find out more about if you need care.

We've put together helpful information on choosing a care home. We recommend that you visit at least three homes so you can compare them. Ultimately, you’ll instinctively know if you like the home and whether your loved one will feel at home there.

When you visit your prospective home you can meet the team, find out more about life at the home and ask any questions. 

Get in touch to arrange a viewing. Our specialists can answer your questions about the care available at any Care UK home.

Many of our care homes offer in-person show rounds, video tours and video one-to-one consultations to help and support you through your care journey. Call to speak to one of our friendly team to arrange an appointment. Our specialists can answer any questions you may have about the care available at our home. Learn more about booking a viewing.

When you decide you’ve found a home that’s right for your loved one, the senior team will do an assessment of their needs to ensure that the home is right for them. Once funding and care options have all been agreed, the team will work with you to plan the moving in process. Everything will be tailored to suit you and your loved one’s needs and situation.

Find out more about our moving in process. If you have a questions about any aspect of our admissions process, get in touch with our friendly team who will be happy to help.

Depending on availability and whether any specialist equipment is required, we can progress this quite quickly. For more specific timescales, the Home Manager or Customer Relations Manager can discuss this with you.

Each one of our homes is unique, so the best way to find out is to call the home you think is right for your loved one and chat with our friendly team.

We understand that a relative may need to move into a care home out of the area where they’ve been living in order to be closer to family members. Any of our homes can take private/self-paying residents from anywhere else in the country if they have availability, and family members sometimes move elderly relatives from overseas to a home near them in the UK. We’re entirely flexible and dedicated to helping new residents settle in quickly.

Care costs vary depending on your loved one’s needs. The more care they need, the higher the cost is likely to be. Your loved one's needs and any funding assistance they’re entitled to will be decided by free care needs and financial assessments, which we or your local authority can provide. Our home’s websites include an indication of costs, but the best option is to contact us to get a better idea. We’re here to help explain care funding, including what’s involved and who decides what.

Yes we do. It’s best to contact us to find out more and to get an idea of availability. is a great website to know about if you’re looking for completely independent reviews of a care home. Relatives and visitors submit reviews to the site, which creates a score for the home out of 10. You’ll find reviews from on each care home's page, along with feedback that we’ve received directly from relatives, residents and visitors.

Our skilled and experienced home teams have supported thousands of families through this process, and we will help you in whatever way suits you and your mother best. We often find that simply showing a loved one around one of our homes is enough to change their mind about care home life. We will introduce your mother to the home’s friendly team and other residents, and we’ll give her a tour and answer all her questions.

Your mother is also welcome to join us as a ‘resident for a day’ to spend more time at the home, doing activities, enjoying a meal, making new friends and generally becoming more used to the idea of living in a care home. Many of our care homes offer short-term respite stays too, so your mother could even give the home a try before becoming a permanent resident. What’s important is that you have all the time – and all the information – you need to make the right decision.