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Dementia care

We're committed to delivering quality dementia care

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Our approach to dementia care

We work with academic partners to ensure everything we do is informed by the latest research. We employ some of the UK’s most respected dementia experts to drive innovation in everything from the food and dining experience to finding new ways to empower residents to have maximum control over their daily life and environment.

Getting to know you

Our teams spend time getting to know your loved one, offering each resident a unique care plan based on their individual needs and desires.

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Dementia friendly environments

We work with experts to create safe spaces to the latest dementia standards that help residents live as independently as possible.

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Our people and training

Our people are supported with bespoke development programmes and expert dementia training to help them deliver high-quality care.

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Support for families and carers

Dementia affects more than the individual living with the disease, and we aim to support whole families through their dementia journeys in any way we can.

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Living well with Dementia

Namaste care

Many of our care homes offer namaste care to residents living with dementia. Namaste sessions are run by trained carers and provide special, uninterrupted one-to-one time for people with complex dementia needs.

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Namaste care

Learn more about dementia

If you or a loved one have questions about a dementia diagnosis, you’re not alone. Learn about the signs and symptoms of dementia, tips for dealing with changing behaviors and advice on the support available through the links below.

The Big Dementia Conversation

The Big Dementia Conversation

At Care UK we’re passionate about providing the highest standards of quality dementia care, and we never miss an opportunity to help educate and support communities and carers – which is why we’ve launched this new initiative: The Big Dementia Conversation.

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Signs of dementia

The symptoms of dementia vary from person to person and depend on the type of dementia your loved one has. As well as memory loss, common signs include difficulty concentrating and struggling to communicate. 

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How we care for people living with Alzheimer’s disease

Alzheimer’s disease is the most common form of dementia. We work closely with families to provide care that helps older people living with Alzheimer’s to continue living as independently as possible, so they have full and meaningful lives. 

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Hobbies and activities

Continuing to engage someone living with dementia through hobbies and interests can keep them active, improve communication and help you find new ways of connecting. 

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Get in touch

Have another question about caring for a loved one with dementia? Why not get in touch with our Care Support team. 

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Frequently asked questions

Your loved one’s financial situation and their needs will affect the cost of care. Care UK can do a needs assessment for you and arrange a financial assessment. Read more about what affects cost

There is no one answer, as dementia is different for different people. If you are worried about your loved one’s safety, it may be time to look at care options. Read more about finding the right care

Wondering if now is the right time to look into care? Discover 9 signs to look out for when considering future care for your loved one. 

Care UK homes are built to the latest dementia standards, and team members are passionate about creating a safe, homely and easily understood environment. Read more about dementia friendly environments