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Convalescent care

Quality short-term care for rest and recovery

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We provide temporary care to give your loved one the support they need 

Convalescent care is a type of short-term respite care where residents are provided with extra support while recovering from an illness. 

A convalescent home could be a necessary step towards independence following surgery or an illness that required a hospital stay. Our homes provide a warm and comfortable place for your loved one to rest and recover, with 24-hour care to put your mind at ease. 

Here, we’ll explain more about who needs convalescent care, what support is available and how long it lasts. 


Who needs convalescent care? 

If you’re wondering whether convalescent care is right for your loved one, here are a few questions to consider: Have they just had an operation or illness? Are they well enough to leave hospital but not quite ready to live independently in their own home? Do they need a bit of extra support with personal care so they can focus on recovering?

If the answer to these is yes, a short stay in a care home could be just what your loved one needs to get their confidence back. 

When is convalescent care right for your loved one?

  • Following a fall or accident 
  • Following surgery, such as a hip replacement 
  • Following a stroke 

Residents receiving convalescent care will enjoy a warm, comfortable environment with personal care and support provided 24 hours a day. We'll look after all their needs while they focus on resting and recuperating.  

If you think you or a loved one need convalescent care, give our expert care support teams a call and they can help you take the next step. 

What support is available with convalescent care? 

A convalescent home will provide a bespoke care plan for each resident to offer the tailored support they need to recover fully. This may include physical therapy and occupational therapy to improve motor skills and coordination, or a focus on speech therapy or mental wellbeing. 

As well as providing care support around the clockfrom dressing to medication, our care home colleagues will take day-to-day jobs like cooking, cleaning and laundry off your loved one’s plate. 

Your loved one will be well looked after by our care teams who work hard to provide a warm environment where residents can find companionship and support throughout their recovery.  


How long does convalescent care last? 

Care will be provided for as long as the healing process takes, so the length of time your loved one spends in convalescent care will be driven by their needs. Residents may stay for a few weeks or several months depending on the severity of their illnessTheir short-term stay will come to an end when they have regained their strength and feel confident to live independently again.  

You may find that your loved one prefers the peace of mind of receiving round-the-clock care, and they may wish to move in as a permanent resident. Our home teams will do their best to accommodate their needs. 

Learn more about respite care or get in touch with our care team for more information. 

Our help and advice page is also full of tips for carers and information about the services our care homes provide. 

Convalescent care is a type of short-term respite care for people who are recovering from a stay in hospital. For older people who need support following surgery or an illness, a care home can provide round-the-clock care to help them recuperate.

Get in touch with your local care home to find out if they provide convalescent care.

Supporting someone recovering from a fall, surgery, or an illness like a stroke are all examples of convalescent care.

A care home provides a comfortable environment where personal care and support are provided around the clock so residents can focus on resting and recovering. Get in touch with your local care home to learn more about the care they provide.

Older people who require convalescent care are offered support that is tailored to their needs. This could include physical therapy, speech therapy or specialist mental wellbeing support. Carers will also support them with personal care, including dressing and taking medication. Living in a care home means all your loved one’s needs will be provided for, from nutritious meals to laundry and cleaning. Our lifestyle teams also adapt activities to involve residents no matter their ability.