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Person-centred care

Our teams give residents and their families choice and control over their care


At Care UK, we believe choice should be at the heart of every resident’s care

That’s why our teams are trained to deliver tailored, person-centred care. Person-centred care puts residents at the heart of planning their care, which means they are involved in decisions about their care and are treated as individuals with unique wishes and needs.


My mother is so happy here and you are all so kind. Thank you for letting her sit with the birds and feed them, animals bring her joy and comfort! 

Relative of a resident at Ellesmere HouseNovember 2023

What is person-centred care?

Person-centred care reflects who a person is now and builds on who they’ve been throughout their life. Our teams provide person-centred care that involves residents every step of the way.

This starts with tailored care planning. A care plan details the needs of a resident and the support they should be given. At Care UK, our colleagues put the personal choices of residents at the centre of their care plans. Everything from our menus to our wishing trees give residents maximum choice and control of their lives.

We use ‘getting to know me’ profiles to record each resident’s likes and dislikes and the people, places and things that are important to them. We fill them with hobbies and interests so colleagues can get to know residents better and connect with them on an individual level.

Find out more about how to deliver person-centred care.

Why is person-centred care important?

Person-centred care is essential for residents to live empowered, fulfilling lives. Our teams treat each individual with dignity and respect, getting to know what’s important to them, while supporting them with their lifestyle choices.

What is the best care for people living with dementia?

Person-centred dementia care can make a real difference for people living with the condition, especially those with complex needs. By offering personalised care, Care UK colleagues better meet the needs of residents living with dementia, helping them to feel calmer and happier by reducing agitation and aggressive behaviour.

Principles of person-centred care

At Care UK, we follow a framework that represents what truly person-centred care looks, sounds and feels like.

Tom Kitwood’s Flower of Psychological Needs includes five areas of needs:

  • Comfort – feeling secure and supported by another person
  • Identity – having a sense of self, who they are and where they fit
  • Occupation – being involved in activities that use their skills
  • Attachment – having bonds between other people
  • Inclusion – belonging to a group and having social interactions

At the centre of these principles is the love and self-worth an individual feels when they receive person-centred care.

How do you measure person-centred care?

Residents’ care plans are continuously reviewed with person-centred care principles in mind to ensure they’re adapted to their changing needs and wishes. Through our Resident of the Day programme, every resident has their care plan reviewed regularly by key team members within the care home, including Head Chef, Suite Manager and Lifestyle Lead.

Care inspectors like the Care Quality Commission (CQC), Scottish and Welsh care inspectorates evaluate whether a home offers a positive, person-centred culture, and we’re proud to have more ‘Outstanding’-rated homes than any other provider.

How person-centred care works at Care UK

At Care UK, we put you and your loved one at the heart of everything we do, including planning and reviewing care plans. Our teams get to know residents personally so they can support them to live the life they choose. That’s why thousands of families have trusted us to care for over 40 years.

How do you plan activities in Care UK care homes?

The lifestyle teams in our care homes get to know residents as individuals and create weekly activity plans based around their interests and abilities. Our colleagues support residents to continue enjoying their favourite hobbies and pastimes, from arts and crafts to gardening.

Through our wishing tree initiative, we also help residents try new things and achieve their goals, whether that’s skydiving, getting their first tattoo or simply revisiting a favourite pub.

Find out more about person-centred care you can trust by getting in touch with your local care home.


There are multiple frameworks for understanding the goals and benefits of person-centred care. Tom Kitwood’s Flower of Psychological Needs includes five areas of needs that are important for delivering person-centred care: comfort, identity, occupation, attachment and inclusion.

The person-centred care approach involves putting residents’ choices at the heart of their care to help them live meaningful lifestyles.