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Personalisation & choice


Our care homes tailor meals to each resident’s food and dining preferences

Tailored to your needs

As a part of our person-centered approach to care, when an individual moves into a Care UK home, our professional chefs meet with them to learn about their favourite foods and dietary needs. These details are included in their care plan, which is regularly reviewed and updated as their needs change.


They bring a menu with two samples, giving my Aunt a choice. Nothing's too much for them and they will go out of their for my my Aunt, they give her plenty of options.  

Relative of a resident, Elizabeth Lodge

An expert approach

Many residents need to have a specialist diet – either for medical or religious or cultural reasons. Our homes are inclusive places to live, where everyone’s culture, ethnicity and religion will always be respected. Our chefs have the culinary expertise to produce tempting, nutritious and delicious options whilst observing religious and cultural occasions.

We can also cater for people who have difficulty swallowing and need a soft diet. We make their meals with the same nutritional values but serve them in a soft, easy-to-eat form with the same visual appeal.


I enjoy developing menus to cater for diabetic needs. This means lower sugar recipes, but the challenge is to ensure that the flavour is still there and find creative ways to achieve this.  

YavorHead Chef at Highmarket House 

Choice and quality every day

Choice is central to food and dining in our homes. There’s always a range of dishes available, with at least two choices of main course. Our chefs ensure that alternative menu options are always available, and if there’s nothing that tempts you, we’ll cook something especially for you.

Residents can choose to take their main meal or a lighter option at lunchtime or in the evening. They’re also welcome to eat at a time that better suits them, and there are always snacks and drinks available, day and night.

Our homes run regular resident meetings and surveys to find out more about what residents want to see on the menu. In response to residents’ feedback, some homes offer two roast dinners a week, pie nights, curry nights and ‘fish and chips on laps’. No two homes offer the same menus.

We understand the important role that food and dining plays in a person’s health and wellbeing and in bringing a smile to their face. Our teams love to spoil residents on their birthday with parties and a cake baked by the chef. And if a person is looking a little down, tempting them with their favourite dish or a special treat can make the world of difference to their day and how they are feeling.

Nationally recognised expertise

We employ some of the best chefs from the care catering sector, and from the wider hotel and restaurant sector. Our commitment to innovation, to quality and delivering a personalised food and dining experience is reflected by the high satisfaction scores we receive in resident surveys.

Our central Hospitality team, and our home chefs, regularly win care and catering awards for their achievements and innovation. Find out more on our catering teams page.