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We work in partnership with loved ones to deliver personalised dementia care which supports whole families through their dementia journey

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We understand that a dementia diagnosis will affect more than just one individual. Seeing a loved one change can be a difficult and heart-breaking experience and often the process of needing or delivering care can change family relationships significantly.   

Support for every step

Choosing a care home can be a difficult decision for the whole family. We believe in supporting each resident and their family in any way we can. We’re always here for emotional or practical support, and – with the appropriate consent – will always involve and consult families in the planning and delivery of care and support. Guests are welcome to visit any time of the day or night and to take part in the care home’s activities, to help with their morning or evening routines, or just share in a relaxing meal.

Right from the start, we focus on working in partnership with families to get to know each individual and understand their personal history. This begins with the option to develop a Life Story Book even before a resident is admitted, and continues with our monthly Resident of the Day programme in which families and friends are invited to an in-depth review of care plans, covering everything from medication to lifestyle and food choices. 

Use the find a care home search tool to find a care home near you.

Supporting families to understand dementia

Communicating with your loved one

Dementia can make it more difficult to communicate with your loved one. Experts at Care UK have put together some helpful tips to ensure you can continue to have meaningful conversations and effective communication.