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Our homes are designed to promote independence and wellbeing

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At Care UK we take pride in creating comfortable, safe surroundings where there’s a warm family atmosphere

A safe and happy home

We’ve found that residents flourish in close-knit surroundings, where they can get to know each other well, and the people caring for them.

That’s why our homes are divided into suites for residents with similar needs. Each suite has access to a lounge and dining area and is a mini-community within the home, offering a calm and reassuring space. 

A home that’s tailored to you 

Every Care UK home is unique but all offer wonderful facilities – many have their own hair and beauty salon, café, cinema room and pub. Cafés have complimentary cakes, drinks and treats and are the perfect place to relax with visitors. Our cinemas have comfy armchairs and big screens – ideal for an afternoon catching a classic film. Most homes have lovely outdoor spaces, where residents can relax with a cup of tea, enjoy activities, take a stroll, or even help with gardening. We’ve handy accessible planters for the purpose!  


Every home is tailored to the needs and wishes of its residents, so some have created their own pubs, shops and themed areas – residents help to create and run these facilities. And, of course, no home would be complete without a pet. Many homes have their own dog, cat, guinea pigs, budgies or chickens which residents love caring for.  

Promoting comfort and independence 

We use the latest technologies to enable your loved one to live comfortably and independently. Your loved one’s room has an electronically adjustable bed as well as a 24-hour nurse call system. We’ll also fit other safety systems, including pressure mats, according to your loved one’s needs. 

Our new-build homes have a flatscreen TV in every bedroom, and we’re happy to organise television packages like SkySports if your loved one wishes. Our homes offer free wifi and have their own tablet computers for residents’ use. These are loaded with an innovative app called Relish, designed by our dementia experts and specialist developers, which offers hundreds of activities that can be entirely tailored to your loved one’s interests and abilities. 

Dementia-friendly design


We work with international architects and designers at the forefront of dementia-friendly design to create calming environments where people living with dementia can flourish. Everything from the signage in our homes, to the floor coverings, colour schemes, lighting and soft furnishings are designed to support residents with dementia.

For example, fitted to the wall outside each bedroom is a small lockable glass cabinet called a memory box, which your loved one can fill with treasured items. These help to spark conversations with visitors, carers and other residents and are a discreet way of showing a resident that they’ve reached their room. Inside each bedroom, our dementia-friendly furniture uses clear panels and easy openings to enable residents to independently choose what they want to wear and find what they need.

Here are seven ways you can help make a room feel more like home.

Always safe and clean

Of course, your loved one’s safety is always our priority. We employ experienced, well trained maintenance teams who constantly ensure all our facilities and systems are running smoothly. If your loved one needs something fixing, or a new picture hanging on their wall, they can help here too. 


And when it comes to infection control, every Care UK home has an infection-safe visiting pod so family visits can continue, whatever the situation in the outside world. There’s a thermal imaging camera at the entrance to every home to check that anyone entering is not introducing infection. We employ rigorous cleaning and disinfecting protocols including fogging machines to disinfect large areas. In fact, even our fabrics and carpets have antimicrobial properties.