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Everyone is different, so there are many reasons why an older person might choose to move into residential care.


A Care UK home may be a good choice for your loved one if they’re keen to have more social stimulation and would love to have fun and make new friends in warm and welcoming surroundings. They may feel it’s time to hand over those everyday tasks like cooking, laundry, cleaning and looking after a home to someone else. Or their home may no longer be the safest place for them due to changes in their mobility or health.

Our experienced and compassionate care assistants provide high quality care, tailoring all aspects of your loved one’s care to their unique needs.

Our care assistants get to know your loved one well, so they understand what they find difficult and need help with, and what they can still do independently.

We can support your loved one with everything from bathing and dressing, to mobilising or simply enjoying a more social and fulfilling lifestyle. What's more, we're are only seconds away, night or day, giving you and your loved one complete peace of mind.

Discover a fulfilling life in our homes

Care UK homes are designed to meet residents' every need. Our homes have superb facilities, ranging from cafés and cinema rooms, to relaxing lounges and even shops, bars and art rooms. Your loved one’s bedroom is their own private space and we’ll ensure it’s beautifully decorated and furnished. We’ll also make sure it feels like home: we’ll hang pictures and photos, add shelves and place treasured items wherever they want them.


Each of our homes has a dedicated Lifestyle team that organises activities, entertainment, outings and experiences tailored to your loved one’s interests and hobbies. We also believe in supporting your loved one to maintain their independence. From making their own drinks if they wish, to helping with the washing up, doing some gardening or even starting a club.

Our chef-led kitchen teams are passionate about providing high quality food for residents, and, the home’s chef will be one of the first people your loved one meets when they join us. They’ll learn all about your loved one’s favourite foods and any nutritional needs so they can start creating tempting dishes just for them.  

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