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Nursing care

Our team of experienced registered nurses provide quality medical care

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We offer high quality medical support for residents with higher level needs

Delivering expert care

Care UK care homes provide a range of high quality care services, and many homes offer nursing care for residents who have higher level needs which require medical support. Our teams of experienced registered nurses provide quality medical care tailored to your loved one’s individual needs. Whether your loved one needs expert care right away or is living with a long-term, complex condition that means their needs will change with time, we’re here to help.

What do nursing care homes offer?

Our compassionate and dedicated nurses deliver round-the-clock medical care and are supported by a team of experienced care assistants. Before your loved one joins us, we’ll undertake an in-depth assessment of their needs and then create a care plan which we’ll review with you and your loved one each month, or more frequently depending on your loved one’s needs. 

Read more about our clinical expertise. 


Nursing in a care home allows you to really get to know a person and follow their progress – often for the rest of their life, and that truly is a privilege. You can see how your skills, knowledge and holistic approach to care has made a real difference for them.

Rachel GilbertDirector of Care, Quality and Governance

Who are nursing care homes for?

Nursing homes provide care for individuals who need higher levels of support, including those who have recently been discharged from hospital and need 24-hour monitoring or rehabilitative care, or those who have a long-term medical condition that requires round-the-clock care. 

Still unsure whether your loved one needs residential care or nursing care? Take a look at our handy comparison to get a better idea of the services each provides. 

A home for life

Our highly skilled nurses provide a comprehensive range of in-depth medical services. This means that, even if your loved one’s needs change in the future, there’s no need for them to move to another home. Your loved one can continue receiving expert care from the people they trust in the place they call home.

Our approach to quality nursing care

At Care UK, quality nursing care underpins so much of what we do. In fact, you’ll find nurses working in a wide range of roles here, from delivering hands-on care to residents, to managing homes, working as regional directors supporting a group of homes, and even leading our Care, Quality and Governance team, providing policy and clinical leadership for our 10,000-plus colleagues. 

Like all our colleagues, nurses support the emotional, psychological, social, physical and cultural needs of each person we care for, recognising their unique qualities and history and putting them at the centre of their care. Our nurses build meaningful relationships with each resident in their care, from admission to end of life, always empowering them to enjoy maximum choice and independence so they live a happy and fulfilled life.

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