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Our catering teams

Our catering teams

Care UK’s trained chefs combine creativity with an in-depth knowledge of nutrition for older people, including skills such as gluten-free baking, high-nutrient or calorific dishes, fragrant cooking and soft foods.

Playing their part

Our head chefs regularly meet with other managers. They are aware if a resident is losing or gaining significant amounts of weight and will work with care and clinical colleagues to resolve the issue.
If a resident is fond of a particular dish, they’ll make batches of that dish and freeze it, so the resident can enjoy it whenever they fancy.

Industry-leading training

Our catering teams receive regular training on a range of topics, including how to work with texture to modify food for residents who have dysphagia (difficulty swallowing) through to maximising flavour without adding salt, fortifying food to add calories, plus advanced baking.

Measuring success

As well as supporting our colleagues to gain recognised NVQ qualifications in catering, Care UK holds an annual Chef of the Year competition to encourage innovation and excellence. Our catering colleagues also enter regional and national competitions and awards to showcase their skills.

Recently we won two awards in a nationally recognised ceremony that celebrates dedication and forward thinking when it comes to food and meal times. Read more

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