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Your funding options

Your funding options


Government support

Depending on your situation, you may be eligible for government assistance in meeting some, or all, of your care costs.

Firstly it is helpful to have an understanding of whether your primary need is for health or social care.  This can be a very nuanced distinction, but as a general rule if you are in need of support from a qualified nurse or health care professional, your needs are most likely to be classed as health care. 

Health care needs are covered by the NHS.  There are two options generally available to individuals living in care homes. Free Nursing Care (or FNC) is a flat rate contribution that the NHS will pay to a care home or care provider for the cost of delivering nursing support. Continuing Healthcare (or CHC) is generally available only to those with more significant nursing needs and should cover the entire cost of care.  The level of NHS funding is driven by the nature and severity of care needs and will require an NHS assessment to confirm availability. 

Social care isn’t free to everyone. Councils only have a limited amount of money and they may choose to pay for only those people who are in most need of help. When you contact your council about getting a care service it will carry out a care assessment. Depending on where you live, if your needs are assessed as low or moderate you may not be entitled to free care. If your needs do match the level set by your council, it will carry out a financial assessment. Your care home should support you to contact your local council in order to determine whether you qualify for social care support. 

There are also a number of financial support options for people who devote more than 35 hours per week to caring for a relative or friend. There are a number of criteria you must meet to qualify for the carer’s benefit, including being over 16 and ensuring the person you are caring for qualifies for a disability benefit.

Funding your own care

With changes to the way social care entitlements are calculated, we know that many individuals may not qualify for government support when looking for a care home. All of our homes welcome residents who choose to either fund their own care or top up their government entitlements to ensure they have the very best care and support.

Many of our new care homes provide a premium offering to those who wish to fund their own care. Our new homes offer fresh, modern and elegant environments and – like all of our homes – are full of passionate, exceptional people. These homes provide a range of high quality facilities including on-site cinemas, coffee shops and gift stores, dementia gardens and spacious and stylish rooms, all designed to give residents the very best quality of life. All our new homes provide nursing, residential and dementia care under one roof.

Many of our existing care homes also welcome residents who do not qualify for government support and wish to fund their own care.

Support from charities

There are many charities offering support to people who need social care. Organisations such as Age UK and Mencap do a great job in providing information, support and – in some cases – financial advice. You can find out what organisations are offering help in our list of sources of advice and support.

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