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Jacqui White

Marketing director

During my time at Care UK I’ve had the privilege of working across all divisions within the group in a number of marketing roles.  I am a particular believer in the power of digital channels in our industry – not just in terms of reaching our customers and listening to their views, but also in being agile enough to respond to what is a constantly changing market.   The insights and data we get from digital is all-important in helping us innovate and develop new services that will meet the needs of our residents in five, ten or fifteen years from now.

We know that people can find choosing a care home to be a difficult and daunting experience. I see our role as helping both our residents and their relatives through the care journey, supporting them to make the best decision possible for the family as a whole.  I am passionate about giving our residents and their families a voice in helping shape our services to provide the best experience possible for every individual resident.  

I’ve worked in a pretty diverse range of industries but have never found one that inspires me as much as the care industry. I am constantly humbled by the incredible work our care home colleagues do and am proud to work for a company that has potential to have such a positive impact on people’s lives.