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Everything ‘A1’ at St Mary’s for Keith

June 17th 2011

Keith Cook’s troublesome finger injury had been bothering him for a number of years, but he is now fighting fit after treatment at St Mary’s Treatment Centre he describes as “A1”.

Keith, from Portchester, is now retired, but he’d been struggling with a bent tendon in his finger throughout the latter part of his working life.  Keith said:

“It had been bothering me for a few years but got really bad while I was working as a Security Guard when I was 64.  I went to the GP who recommended surgery back then, but it would have meant 5 weeks off work with no pay so I decided to wait until I retired.”

After retirement Keith went back to his GP, who referred him to St Marys Treatment Centre for a consultation:

“I was happy when I was told I was being referred to St Marys and the appointment came through for just three weeks later.  I received some information in the post which was very useful and then went to the Centre for my appointment.  At the appointment the staff explained everything perfectly - the whole visit was spot on!”

At Keith’s consultation is was confirmed he needed surgery and two weeks later he returned to the centre for his Day Surgery procedure, accompanied by his wife:

“On the day of surgery the nurses were great, they looked after me and my wife was also well looked after with tea and biscuits while she waited.  I must have seen five or six different nurses throughout my time at the centre and all of them were very pleasant and helpful.  The anaesthetist was also fantastic.”

Keith’s surgery to straighten his finger went smoothly and after a period of rest and recuperation he came back to have his stitches removed and complete the process:

“When the stitches were removed the final touch of pain was gone and the finger is now better than it’s been for a long time.  I can now do the simple things like opening the door and gripping things around the house with both hands.  My care at St Mary’s was ‘A1’ from start to finish and I’d have no qualms about recommending their care to anyone.”


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