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Helping Rosie to blossom

September 19th 2013

One of our service users, Rosie*, has recently left us to move back into independent living. She has given us her permission to tell her inspiring story.

A love of words and music

During her time at Park Villa, Rosie’s support team encouraged her to join a local writing group. She didn’t look back. She began by writing articles for Care UK’s in-house communications and has now written for a number of external magazines.

The Park Villa team also helped Rosie to discover Blueski, a voluntary group that promotes social and cultural inclusion for people experiencing emotional or psychological distress. Thanks to Blueski and the people she me there, Rosie has achieved one of her dreams – to be the lead singer of a band!

Finding her voice

During her time at Park Villa, Rosie’s confidence grew daily. She was invited to take part in a local Manchester radio show and the response was such that she was given her own weekly slot, sharing her views and musical tastes on a show for people with learning difficulties.   

Reconnecting with family

A number of her family relationships had broken down completely prior to Rosie joining us, but with help and guidance she reconnected with her parents, sister and niece. We facilitated meetings between Rosie and her family to help them to understand how best to support her with her mental illness.

Rosie says: ‘When I came to Park Villa I was not very well, but the staff encouraged me to try different things and I really appreciate what Park Villa did for me. I would not be where I am now if it wasn’t for the doctors and nurses there. It was a delight to be at Park Villa.”

*name has been changed