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Lauder Lodge and Cairdean House encourages older people to stay hydrated in the heat

June 28th 2018


As temperatures soar, Lauder Lodge and Cairdean House are offering advice to local people encouraging them to stay hydrated and healthy in the summer heat. 

While many people are basking in the heatwave the country is currently experiencing, Lauder Lodge and Cairdean House are asking people to remember that not everyone enjoys the higher temperatures. In fact, for some older people the heat can be dangerous, triggering breathing problems, heat exhaustion and dehydration. 

Michelle Reid, home manager at Lauder Lodge, said: “Our bodies regularly react to changing temperatures, however for older people – particularly for those living with dementia – the body’s ability to adapt is affected. It is therefore vital to help loved ones and those in the local community to get plenty of fluids – especially during a prolonged hot spell such as this.”  

Michelle has highlighted some top tips to stay hydrated and healthy in warmer weather: 

  1. “Make an occasion of a drink – Share a tea break or invite a neighbour round for afternoon drinks to make fluid consumption part of a social activity
  2. Timing is everything – Save any strenuous activities like going shopping, cutting the lawn or vacuuming the carpets for the cooler parts of the day
  3. Be inventive – Even if you don’t feel thirsty, it’s important to keep drinking. Try jellies or homemade ice lollies as alternative ways to incorporate fluids into your day 
  4. Use a clear glass – Being able to see what’s inside the glass can help boost fluid consumption. Using a straw will also help to increase fluid intake
  5. Serve foods that are high in fluid – Some fruits contain up to 90% water and are packed with vitamins and nutrients that are great for keeping you and your loved one fit and healthy. Ice cream, vegetables, gravy and jelly are also all great hydrating foods 
  6. Make drinks look as appealing as possible – If you are sure there is no risk of choking, add a slice of lemon to a jug of water, serve cordials in vintage jugs or create mocktails with all the trimmings. Create interest with different smells, colours and flavours
  7. Make it accessible – Buy an insulated sports drink bottle and fill it with ice cold water – handy if you are out and about or to keep by the bed if you wake up during the night.
  8. Take note of preferences of older people you support – If they have a favourite cup or glass, remember to use that one as often as you can 
  9. Try to keep track of the amount of fluid you or a loved one is drinking – Use a jug that has a measure down the side, or a bottle with a measure to monitor the levels of fluid consumed 
  10. Try a Horlicks or hot chocolate – Even in hot weather – these drinks are not only great for hydration, but they also contain nutrients so will give older people an energy boost too.” 

Home manager at Cairdean House, Gillian Goodall added: “It is important to look out for signs of dehydration in older people, including muscle cramps in the arms, legs or stomach, mild confusion, weakness or sleep problems. Anyone experiencing these symptoms should rest in a cool place out of the sun and drink plenty of fluids, but it is important to contact a GP or the NHS 111 helpline for advice if symptoms persist or worsen. As the hot weather continues, don’t forget to pop round and see older neighbours and friends to make sure that they are OK.”


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