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NIHME Positive Practice Award

October 1st 2005

Prior to January 2004, mental health rehabilitation services in Coventry were delivered by various independent and statutory providers and services were disjointed. Early in 2004, the managers of these services came together to discuss how an integrated mental health rehabilitation service could be achieved. They attended a two-day NIMHE service redesign workshop and have been working in partnership for the past two years. They have now formed a fully integrated service called the Coventry Mental Health Rehabilitation and Recovery Service. The partnership includes independent sector services provided by: MIND, Richmond Fellowship, Maplewood (Care UK) and Anjuman; and statutory services: Harry Salt House, Hawkesbury Lodge and Axholme House.

The aim of the service is to help people with enduring mental health problems to live independently in the community and to enable them to choose their pathway to recovery. This partnership approach has lead to greater integration and continuity between services including a seamless referral and assessment process. Such joint working involving all aspects of health care, social care and the independent sector enables a more flexible and responsive to the needs of the users.