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Treatment Centre calms years of uncertainty for relieved Golfer Pete

December 20th 2010

Keen Golfer Pete Snelling is back active and pain free, after a visit to Southampton Treatment Centre resulted in diagnosis and cure for a long standing problem.

Keen Golfer Pete Snelling had suffered with discomfort in his lower gastrointestinal tract from as far back as the year 2000, but after numerous visits to various GPs, had never had diagnosis or treatment for his condition.

The discomfort was periodic and would sometimes not be present for months, however despite being assured it was nothing serious, Pete wanted the issue resolved.  He said:  “It had been going on for years and was playing on my mind.  You tend to think the worst despite people telling you it was nothing serious.  It had been dragging on for so long I had really given up, but then the discomfort began again and this time it was worse, it was causing me to get up at night and it meant I couldn’t play golf.”

Pete went to see his local GP who recommended the Treatment Centre and Pete was booked an appointment just two weeks later, to the clinic of General Surgeon Mr Roger House. 

“I met Mr House and after an examination that lasted just a couple minutes, he diagnosed the problem, explained what it was in detail to me and told me how the operation would happen.  It was such a huge relief after all the years of not knowing what it was.  My mind was at rest and listening to him was so reassuring.  Although I don’t like hospitals I was happy to be there as I finally had an answer.”

A Surgery appointment was offered just 4 weeks later, but due to travel commitments Pete decided to contact the centre when he returned to the UK – and was again booked in just 4 weeks later, when he came into the centre’s Day Ward.  The routine day surgery was fine, but there were minor complications with Pete’s recovery, meaning he had to be admitted to the Centre’s Inpatient Ward overnight.

Pete said: “I suffer from a low heart rate and this obviously had an effect when I was in recovery.  I kept feeling faint and groggy after the procedure.  The recovery team were excellent in caring for me and it was decided I needed to stay the night on the Inpatient ward.  I couldn’t believe how nice the staff were - I had my own room and the nurses were fantastic, I never felt hassled or rushed and nothing was too much trouble”

Pete was discharged the following day and his recovery since has gone smoothly.

“I had discomfort for a few days like Mr House said I would, however I was given a 24 hour post op helpline number to call for any queries just in case.  I have actually called it once as I had some real discomfort, but after speaking to the Doctor he allayed my worries and, as he had said it would, the pain subsided the next day.  I’m now back on the golf course and fighting fit!”


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