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Update on the future of the Treatment centre

November 27th 2014

On 26th November 2014, there was a meeting of local commissioners to discuss whether to procure further services at the Peninsula NHS Treatment Centre after the current contract runs out next spring.

Care UK’s hospital director Pat Warwick gives an update:

“Peninsula NHS Treatment Centre is a high performing service which has, for many years, delivered excellent, innovative care and been highly praised by patients. We have been very touched by the messages of support that we have received from patients who are upset or angry that the treatment centre’s future is in doubt.

Knowing that we have this support from local people, coupled with the fact that even the commissioners have recognised that Peninsula NHS treatment centre has provided a much-loved service with excellent clinical results, we are pleased that, whilst the CCGs will not be offering us a contract with guaranteed levels of work, they are happy for us to continue operating for those many patients that choose to have their NHS care with us.

We are already in discussions about  extending the lease on the building and establishing the new contractual arrangements with the CCG.  If these routes prove fruitful, we are so confident that patients from Devon and Cornwalls will choose Peninsula NHS Treatment Centre that we are prepared to take the financial risk of operating without any guarantees of work from the local CCGs.