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We’re watching the birdie!

January 23rd 2012

Residents and staff will be monitoring the gardens during the weekend (28th-29th January) to help a special bird conservation project organised by the RSPB.

Activities co-ordinator Lisa Reid said: “Many of our residents have always enjoyed watching the birds but we noticed towards the end of last year that, as our gardens develop, we are seeing a greater diversity of bird life and more people began watching.

“Now they are out with their bird spotting guides in the gardens or on terraced balconies, which not only have views of the grounds, but also have their own bird tables, plants and seated areas.”

Residents are also using the birdwatching experiences in their reminiscence sessions. Lisa said: “We have unlocked lots of memories from people’s earlier lives, with people remembering feeding pigeons and other birds in the park.”

During the Great Garden Birdwatch Weekend, residents will document the number and variety of birds they can see in the Courthouse Road home’s gardens and report back to the RSPB, which is monitoring bird populations across the country.

 Credit: Ray Kennedy, RSPB Images


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