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10 ways you can spend more time with your loved one this year

Advice for carers

Small and frequent activities can be beneficial to someone living with dementia.

The beginning of a new year gives us an excellent opportunity to reflect on the past year and make a resolution for the year to come. One of these could be to keep-up our little-and-often interaction with our relatives, especially if your loved one has dementia.

Suzanne Mumford, Care UKs dementia expert, has been sharing her top 10 tips to help enrich the lives of you and your loved one, helping them to maintain crucial life skills and helping you to build precious memories.

10 activities to try:

  1. When you visit, take in an article or familiar object they may find interesting
  2. Look at cookery books and talk about recipes they may want to try
  3. Chat over a cuppa and slice of cake or mince pie
  4. Do a crossword or sudoku puzzle together
  5. Get crafty with some knitting or sewing
  6. Read the sports pages together
  7. Watch a film, sporting event or old TV programme together
  8. Bring a bunch of flowers for them to arrange
  9. Create a play list of their favourite music and sing together
  10. Make a scrapbook or read poetry together


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