Staying hydrated in later life

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The importance of hydration 

Your body depends on water to survive. Dehydration is a common problem in later life, and common consequences of dehydration can include confusion, falls, pressure ulcers and UTIs. 

That's why our catering experts at Care UK  have developed a hydration book, full of facts, information and recipes for mouth-watering food and drink options, to help keep residents healthy and hydrated - especially in warmer weather.

Inside this guide

  • Learn about importance of hydration
  • Hints and tips from Care UK colleagues to make hydration fun 
  • Hydrating food and drink recipes to try

Keeping hydrated in our homes

Our kitchen teams create a range of hydrating food and drink options for residents, from refreshing fruit and vegetable infused waters, to healthy ice lollies, jelly bite sweets and Italian-inspired granitas. 

Hot and cold drinks are always available to residents, and most of our homes have hydration stations with self-serve WaterADE drinks systems, giving residents instant access to low-calorie, sugar-free fruit drinks that are fortified with extra vitamins and are visually appealing to people living with dementia.

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