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Eating as we age

Eating as we age

The older we get, the more important a good diet becomes. No matter what age or your current eating habits, it’s never too late to change your diet and improve the way you feel.

Eating well and staying hydrated is essential to keeping healthy and strong.

If you care for someone, you might find it’s not always easy to ensure your loved one is looking after themselves by eating regularly and drinking enough.

In fact, this can be a great source of worry – particularly if you care for someone living with dementia, as the condition can bring with it, its own set of problems with eating and drinking.

We’ve pooled the expertise of colleagues in our care homes to bring you very simple, practical tips for nutrition, hydration and dining with dignity, in one easy-to-follow guide.

Eating as we age also includes advice on how to overcome common challenges, such as stimulating appetite and interest in food, alongside recipe inspiration and real life stories.

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