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Recipes and advice

Recipes and advice

Enjoying a balanced, healthy diet is vital as we get older, helping us to stay healthy and strong.

But if you care for an older loved one, particularly if they’re living with dementia, it can be a challenge to ensure they’re getting what they need.

Our Eating as we age section offers tips and advice to make eating, drinking and the whole dining experience easier and more enjoyable for both of you.

Three quick tips…

  • Preserving your loved one’s independence is all-important. Put jams, butter, gravy or custard into easy to hold dishes so they can serve themselves where possible.
  • Give a loved one with dementia limited choices to avoid overwhelming them. Ask closed questions, such as ‘would you prefer toast or porridge’, rather than ‘what would you like for breakfast’.
  • Sit, eat and talk with them as they eat to encourage them to stay seated – and eating – for longer.

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Inspiring recipes

Our food tastes often change as we get older so we’ve put together some recipes to stimulate your loved one’s appetite. They’re nutritious, easy to eat – and easy to make.

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Download your guide

Our Eating as we age guide has a huge amount of information on encouraging loved ones with a reduced appetite to eat and how to create an environment that supports older people to dine with dignity.

Download the guide or call into your local home to pick up your free copy and talk to the care team.

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