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Care at
Smyth Lodge

Trusted to care in Sidcup, Kent


Discover more about the care we provide

Smyth Lodge offers expert care that’s tailor made for your loved one whilst enjoying the luxury accommodation.

Concentrating on delivering person-centred care, the team at Smyth Lodge have established a warm, welcoming care home in North Kent. Approaching each resident as an individual, they have taken the time to listen to their life stories, and created a tailor made care plan incorporating their unique preferences. This promotes engagement and a rich sense of community, allowing your loved one to feel at home. 

We do recognise, however, that choosing the perfect care home for someone special can be difficult, so we’ve designed this simple guide to the care option available at Smyth Lodge.

Types of care at Smyth Lodge

Residential care

Featuring a full programme of enriching activities, such as art classes, gentle exercise and music, we focus on personalisation.  Allowing every resident to choose their level of involvement, and including in our programme, activities that they enjoyed before, increases their engagement and enjoyment.

En-suite rooms with attached wet rooms, comfortable, welcoming lounges and luxury dining rooms allow residents to relax or socialise where they wish. If they miss household chores, your loved one may discover purpose and meaning from helping around the home, such as folding laundry, assisting in the chef-led kitchen, or some light gardening.

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Nursing care

Our experienced team is highly qualified in providing care for a wide variety of complex physical conditions, including multiple sclerosis, parkinson’s disease and motor neurone disease. Producing a comprehensive plan tailored to your loved one’s needs, we consult with GPs and medical specialists and provide regular updates.

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Nursing dementia care

We’re committed to delivering the very best care for your loved one living with dementia, starting by creating a fully tailored plan based entirely around their specific requirements.  With the help of GPs and clinical specialists, it’s under constant review to accommodate for any changes in their situation. Our team are also trained in providing medical care for a variety of additional physical complications such as multiple sclerosis, stroke or brain injury.

Respite care

For busy carers looking after older people living in the local community, Smyth Lodge offers a valuable lifeline in the form of our short-term respite care options. By providing expert care, we allow you to recharge your batteries. Our capable colleagues also offer support to outpatients, easing the transition between leaving hospital and returning home.

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End of life care

As your loved one reaches the end of their life, we offer discreet, empathetic support for your family. A detailed palliative care plan is drawn up in consultation with your GP and medical specialists, ensuring effective pain relief, and honouring your wishes. Maintaining a quiet, contemplative atmosphere, you and your family can spend this emotional time with your loved one in peace.

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Dementia care at Smyth Lodge

Our team ensures that every aspect of life in our state-of-the-art home reflects the needs of older people living with dementia. Its inviting and well-appointed spaces, complete with easy-to-follow colour coding, provide the perfect environment for community and companionship. By discreetly supporting your loved one, we can help them retain their sense of independence and interest.

Getting to know you

We take the time to get to know you and your loved one, putting each individual's needs, desires and choices at the heart of the care we provide.

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Dementia friendly environments

Our immediate surroundings can have a huge impact on our quality of life, particularly when trying to make sense of the world around us. We work with academic partners to create care home environments that help people living with dementia to live as independent and stress-free a life as possible.

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Our people and training

Our people are chosen for their attitude, dedication and caring nature and we are committed to their on-going training and development. From our carers and nurses, to our activity coordinators, chefs and maintenance teams, we will go the extra mile to build strong relationships – not just with individuals living in our care homes, but also with their friends and family.

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Support for families and carers

We understand that a dementia diagnosis will affect more than just one individual and we're here to support you and your family. Seeing a loved one change can be a difficult and heart-breaking experience and often the process of needing or delivering care can change family relationships significantly.

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Living well with dementia at Smyth Lodge

Delivering quality care

At Care UK every member of our team has a personal and professional commitment to providing excellent care.

At Care UK our teams hold our values of caring, passionate and teamwork at the centre of the care they deliver.

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The care we provide is built around the latest academic research and knowledge. Our teams recieve award winning training and induction programmes when they join us which is clearly evident in the care we provide.

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Our dedicated and highly trained teams constantly strive to maximise the safety of residents, visitors and colleagues while keeping life as normal and fulfilling as possible for the people we care for.

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Delivering quality care
Delivering quality care
Delivering quality care


We’ve brought together many of the questions that families often ask us. If you need more information, or have any other questions, give our friendly team a call.


We understand people’s anxieties about moving a loved one into a care home. That’s why we make a promise to every new customer about what they can expect from any Care UK home.

We are proud to be the most awarded care home provider for the last two years, with more outstanding rated homes than any other provider. We work with residents and relatives to get their regular feedback, in meetings in each home, through surveys or just in day-to-day conversations. 

Our people are recruited for their positive and caring personalities as much as for their skills. Ultimately, all our care is person-centred – everything we do is tailored to the individual’s needs, preferences and interests.

Whenever you have a question about any aspect of your relative’s care, please bring it up as quickly as possible with any of the home team. Usually any issues can be resolved quickly and efficiently, and the earlier we know about it, the better. At Care UK we take quality extremely seriously and we strive to deliver exceptional care to all our residents, but sometimes things do go wrong. In the unlikely event that you have serious concerns about your loved one’s care, please talk to the home manager immediately who will put a plan in place to resolve the issue to your satisfaction.

Yes, the majority of Care UK homes do provide quality, short term respite care. Many family carers find it a helpful option if they need time to themselves. It’s also a good ‘taster’ of what permanent care would be like. Fees vary from home to home and will depend on your loved one’s needs, so the best option is to contact the home you’re interested in to get a clear idea of cost.

Absolutely. We care for older people who have a variety of needs through residential and nursing care, so you can rest assured that your father will receive the best of care. We also help residents to continue to enjoy a great lifestyle, including doing lifelong hobbies while discovering new interests and enjoying superb food.

Because we provide such a broad range of services, we can support residents with very high intensity needs. This means that as a person’s condition changes, they can stay in the same familiar home environment supported by people they know and trust.

We will always ensure that we support and provide the best quality care for your loved one from residential, dementia through to nursing and palliative care. We will always inform you of the changes in your loves one's needs and discuss the options with you.

Yes we can. The majority of our homes provide specialist dementia care in dedicated dementia suites. These suites have their own dining area and lounge, as well as a number of en-suite bedrooms. They are designed to minimise hustle and bustle, which people living with dementia can find unsettling. The staff who work in these areas have specialist dementia training and experience and can cater for residents with these very specific, high-level needs.

Yes, the majority of our homes provide specialist dementia care. We care for people living with all types of dementia. While we tend to care for older residents, we are able to care for those who live with the condition at a young age. Please do talk to the friendly team at your local Care UK home to find out how they can support you. They’re here to help.

Find out more about our approach to dementia care.

There’s no ‘one size fits all’ approach to care ratios. Our care ratios are calculated to take into account the complexity level and general care needs of each resident, so these will vary from suite to suite in each home.

We understand people may feel more comfortable with a carer who is the same gender when receiving personal care and will always to do our utmost to ensure residents' wishes are met.

Our approach to living with Coronavirus


Click below for information on Care UK’s approach to living with Covid and visiting loved ones.

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Our approach to living with Coronavirus