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Judy Wray

home manager

I’ve always worked in residential care – my first job was as an administration and finance assistant at a care home. That was in the late 1980s. Over the years I’ve gained experience of many of the roles within a care home, from care assistant to finance manager. I’ve been a care home manager since 2005 and have managed a number of homes in and around the north east of England.

My approach as a manager is to make sure every resident is cared for in the same way that you’d care for a member of your own family. I spend as much time as I can with residents, chatting with them in the lounges and dining areas. I have a policy that I spend some time every morning saying hello and catching up with everyone before I get stuck into work.


Amanda Moore

team leader

I’ve worked for Care UK since 2007 – before joining The Terrace I worked in retail. Moving into the care sector is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I enjoy every day at The Terrace. Each day is different and brings its challenges and rewards. 

I look forward to coming to work each day, seeing residents and my colleagues. I enjoy any time I get to spend with residents. They’re the reason why all of us do what we do. We’re a close-knit team here at The Terrace – we’re like one big family really. 

The best way to unwind, for me, is to take my dog for a walk, followed by a glass of wine. I look forward to holidays, too, and time with my family. 

Caroline Hall

lifestyle coordinator

I’ve worked in the care sector, on and off, for many years – initially when I left school. When my children left home, I decided to get back into care. I started as a carer at The Terrace before moving into activities.

The best part of my role is seeing everyone smiling and laughing – even if they’re just chatting to each other. Our work can have some great outcomes for residents. One lady, who had been in hospital for a long time being nursed in bed, wanted to walk again. We worked with her, doing chair exercises and building her confidence, and eventually got her walking again. It made a huge difference to her life. 

I’m looking forward to continuing to build on the activities we offer at The Terrace. You never know what each day’s going to bring, and there’s always something to look forward to. 

Caroline Mawhinney

head chef

I’m proud to say that I’ve worked at The Terrace since 1992. I still look forward to serving the residents each day, having a chat with them, and finding a way to make their lives better through food.

There’s always something to focus on, whether it’s developing new menus or finding a way to give an individual resident a personalised experience. When a lady needed to have a soft diet, it meant she was no longer able to eat her beloved bourbon biscuits. I found a way to develop a soft version for her, so she didn’t miss out. 

It was a huge highlight to make it to the 2018 finals of the Care Home Awards in the nutrition and food category. We always consult with residents about what they’d like more of on the menu. Recently they said more ‘good Yorkshire food’, so that’s what we did.

Kim Hopper

head housekeeper

I joined The Terrace in 1995: I’d worked in a shoe factory before, so this was a bit of a change. When I became head housekeeper it was a huge career highlight for me. 

The Terrace is a lovely home to work in: everyone gets on really well and supports each other. I enjoy being part of such a great team. While we have a clear job to do, part of that is about getting to know the residents and their families and ensuring they’re getting the most out of each day. 

I’m very proud of the home, and I’m focused on ensuring that everywhere is always clean and that residents have what they need – it’s rewarding to get compliments on how nice the home is looking. 

Michael Portbury


I was new to the care sector when I joined The Terrace in 2013: I’d worked in the armed forces and in the police. I use quite a few of the skills from those roles in what I do now as this job demands accuracy, responsibility and self-motivation. There’s also a strong emphasis on teamwork in the care sector, and that’s a familiar theme in my background. 

Recently I began to take on maintenance work for Care UK homes across our region. I liaise with other maintenance managers, delivering training or plugging gaps where a home doesn’t have someone in that role. It keeps me busy!

We look after some fantastic people, and it’s always a positive feeling to go home knowing I’ve done a good job for them and their families, and that the next day will give me a chance to do it again.

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