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“I can honestly say the Treatment I received has changed my life.  I’d recommend their treatment to anyone!”

Keen reader Jeanette Ryder can now delve back into her favourite novels, after what she describes as “life changing” double Cataract surgery at the Treatment Centre.

Jeanette had been constantly cleaning the lenses of her glasses, thinking the fact they were smeared and dirty was impairing her vision.  However, whilst driving one day, the traffic lights appeared to have halo-like rings around them and it was at this point she realised there was a serious problem.

Jeanette said: “It was actually quite frightening because I then realised I was struggling to do everyday things like driving and reading my books, which is one of my passions.”

Jeanette initially went to her optician, who advised her that she had the early signs of Cataracts, however “not to worry” as they would not form fully in her lifetime.  However, at her annual check up a few weeks later, a different optician gave contrasting advice, advising her she should look into treatment.  A trip to her GP followed soon after, where she was referred to Southampton Treatment Centre, in the care of Lead Ophthalmology Consultant, Mr Erfan Khadem. 

“From the moment I met Mr Khadem I was put at ease by his knowledge, personal nature and confidence.  He listened to everything I said, explained exactly what was going to happen, what I should expect and what the outcome would be.  I was also told there and then when my surgery would take place – I couldn’t believe it would be so quick – people had told me it would take months!” said Jeanette.

Jeanette’s previous experience of hospital treatment had initially left her anxious about this latest visit:

“The last time I went for treatment I saw a different person every time I went there. I felt like a number and it wasn’t a pleasant experience.  At the Treatment Centre everyone I met made me feel important, from the Porters to the Nurses and Receptionists to Surgeons.  And it wasn’t just the people, the cleanliness of the place, the food – everything was perfect.”

Jeanette noticed the change in her eyesight within 24 hours of her treatment and is now back doing the things she loves, including reading her books:

“I can honestly say the Treatment I received has changed my life.  I’d recommend their treatment to anyone!”



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