Lulu performs at Ogilvy Court

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Residents at Ogilvy Court were recently treated to a special performance by Lulu.  However not the well-known Scottish singer we all know and love, but one just as beautiful - a long-haired Dachsund called Lulu!

Lulu is a frequent visitor to care homes, and forms part of the community initiative delivered by the Mayhew Animal Home, called Therapaws.

Therapaws works with a team of volunteers and their animals, offering a bespoke service visiting residential homes and community centres.

The benefits of animals visiting elderly people in care, some who are living with Alzheimer’s is far-reaching, encouraging social interaction whilst promoting emotional and physical well-being.

Lulu won the hearts of residents and raised some laughs by performing tricks and obedience tasks in front of her captivated audience.

Residents at Ogilvy Court look forward to their fortnightly visits from Therapaws’ friendly animals.  Pictured here is resident John Decon with Lulu.

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