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Dementia care

Dementia care

We have one aim - to help people living in our care homes live happier, healthier and more fulfilling lives, no matter what their capabilities

We have a long track record in excellent dementia care, but that doesn’t mean we are complacent about our approach. In 2017, we partnered with the Association for Dementia Studies at the University of Worcester to ensure our dementia care was consistent, effective and grounded in the latest academic research.  Couple this with caring and empathetic nature of our teams and it is little wonder we are regularly recognised at the likes of the National Dementia Care Awards or that we are the care provider of choice for more than 7,000 residents and their families.  

Food for thought

At Care UK we are proud to deliver forward-thinking activity-based care, that’s why this year we teamed up with food historian and BBC Back in Time for… presenter, Dr Polly Russell, as part of our nationwide Food for Thought initiative.

Trymview Hall Emma baking_0

Dr Polly and our skilled chef team worked together to create a nostalgic tasting menu of iconic foods from the last 70 years, designed as a sensory tool to encourage reminiscence in residents.

Reminiscence activities can be extremely beneficial for older people, particularly those living with dementia. Drawing on these strong memories can boost confidence, can prompt conversation and evoke the associated emotions. You can read more about some of the reminiscence activities our residents have been enjoying, from working with local restaurants in Bristol, to sharing baking memories and reminiscing about cooking for royalty.

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