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Meet our friendly care team

Every member of the team at our Middlesbrough care home is here because they're passionate about helping residents to enjoy the best possible life. Whether we're management, in a maintenance or admin role, or caring directly for residents, we love the time we spend with them and do our best to make them smile.

Julie Gregory

Home Manager

Julie Gregory

I love walking around the home at different times of the day, hearing colleagues and residents singing and laughing together, and seeing the smiles on the faces of the residents.

As a home manager, I think it’s important to be passionate about the residents in your home. That way you’ll always ensure that they receive the best care. I aim to be a role model for the team as well. If they see you rolling up your sleeves and helping, they’re likely to go the extra mile too. 

I’m so proud of what we’re doing here at The Willows, of the quality of care we provide, and the ‘good’ rating we received from the CQC in September 2017.

Ashleigh Mahoney
Business Administrator
I've always enjoyed working in the care sector.

I’ve always enjoyed working in the care sector. Before coming to the Willows I was a support worker providing home care for adults with learning difficulties and mental health challenges. I also worked part time at West Park Hospital on reception. 

I love talking to the residents here, and I try to finish my jobs early so I can walk around the home and say hello to them. Just giving a person five minutes of your time is so important – it can make a huge difference to them. 

I love being part of the team here at the Willows, and it was a fantastic experience when we received our ‘good’ CQC rating recently - a proud moment for us all. 

Outside of work, I love spending time with my family – including my little dog who enjoys lots of long walks!

John Evans
I'm a fully qualified plumbing and heating engineer and I came toThe Willows because I fancied a career change where I could still use my plumbing skills.

I’m a fully qualified plumbing and heating engineer and I came toThe Willows because I fancied a career change where I could still use my plumbing skills. My favourite part of the day is walking around the home and chatting to the residents and their families – I like meeting new people. 

It’s great being able to make a difference to the residents by making their home a nice place to live. I’ve learnt a lot from working here and from working alongside specialist contractors – about fire safety and fire systems, and building surveying.

I was delighted to win Care UK’s Maintenance Person of the Year in 2017 - it was a huge career highlight for me!

Carol Bell
Head Housekeeper
I've worked for Care UK for 15 years and I still enjoy what I do.

I’ve worked for Care UK for 15 years and I still enjoy what I do. It’s lovely to chat and laugh with the residents, seeing them smile every day and getting so much pleasure from the activities they do. 

My role is to ensure that the home is always clean and that residents’ clothes are washed and pressed to the high standards they expect. I enjoy hearing visitors commenting on how clean and homely everywhere is, and how smart residents look. What we do makes a big difference – residents deserve the best, and my team works hard to ensure all the little details are just right. 

There’s always something going on at The Willows. A little while ago, the home was refurbished. It was great to get involved and help to decide on colour schemes and décor. The result is home we’re all very proud of. 

Lauren Bishop
Lifestyle Lead
I’ve been keen to join The Willows ever since my grandmother moved here.

I’ve been keen to join The Willows ever since my grandmother moved here. I always thought what a fantastic place it was and what a great team was behind it all. I saw a job advert and I applied, and here I am. I joined in 2018. 

I used to be a healthcare assistant, and was a care assistant in a care home, so I’m used to a care environment. As lifestyle lead, that experience is really helpful, but there are all sorts of other skills that come into play, including being organised, planning ahead and thinking on your feet. Above all, you need to be passionate about helping residents to do the things they love. 

Our experienced teams

Every day Care UK colleagues live our values of passionate, caring and teamwork to empower residents to enjoy fulfilling lives.

Maintaining independence

We understand that maintaining routines and a sense of purpose is vital for an older person’s wellbeing. That's why we support your loved one to live as independently as possible, from making their own drinks, helping with the washing up, or even taking on a role in the home like leading a dance class or helping the maintenance team. If your loved one visits local places of worship, or attends a group in the community, we’ll support them to continue to do this. We use positive risk-taking to promote freedom and choice.

Tailored to you

When your loved one joins us we take the time to get to know them and create tailored care and lifestyle plans to suit them. Each resident has a life history book where we record their hobbies, family and friends, jobs, routines, holidays – even their favourite foods – all of which forms the basis of their care.


Every Care UK home is unique and many have their own café, cinema, hair salon - many even their own pub. Others have adapted spaces to create garden rooms, shops and areas about the local community and its history. Great in-house facilities ensures that even if restrictions or a person’s individual capabilities make it difficult to get out and about, residents can still enjoy an enriching lifestyle.

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Our lifestyle team

Our dedicated Lifestyle teams organises activities, entertainment, outings and experiences tailored to your loved one’s interests and hobbies. We also understand that group activities aren’t for everyone so we will spend one to one time with your loved one if that's what they'd prefer.

Wishing trees

Residents still have goals and wishes they want to achieve. That's why our home has a wishing tree where residents can hang their written wishes of the things they’d like to do, and we do our best to make these happen.

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