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Let’s talk about dementia – our latest guide is here

Dementia advice

Despite the recent advances in how we approach dementia and increased awareness of the condition, dementia remains fairly misunderstood among members of the public.

Often, a diagnosis brings more questions than answers: how will this affect my loved one’s independence? Will their personality completely change?

To help families at any stage of their dementia journey, we are launching our brand-new guide, ‘Let’s talk about dementia’, in partnership with Alzheimer’s Society ambassador, award-winning journalist and broadcaster Angela Rippon.

Let's talk about dementia

Inside this guide

Our guide is filled with answers to questions we’ve been asked by relatives of residents in our homes or members of our local communities.

Why is my mum hiding her possessions? Why does she start pacing and get anxious every day at around 4pm? How come my dad now wants to sleep all day? Why is my lifelong vegetarian aunt now asking for chicken for lunch? 

Designed by dementia experts, including Care UK’s Head of Nursing, Care and Dementia, Suzanne Mumford, our guide includes all the answers to these everyday questions and more...

  • Tips for identifying the early signs of dementia
  • Advice for understanding how to interact with a loved one living with dementia
  • Specific scenarios to help you understand what to expect
  • Expert ideas on why your loved one might be behaving differently 

Discover more about our approach to dementia care here.

Request your free copy now

There are a few ways to get a copy of Care UK’s latest dementia guide, ‘Let’s talk about dementia’:

  • Visit one of our 150+ Care UK homes across the country 
  • Download a copy here
  • Attend a virtual event or seminar

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