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Student Imran Aftab can hear again after minor ear surgery at the Treatment Centre: “I just thought the whole place was great........the whole process was very efficient from start to finish.”

Solent University student Imran Aftab knew there was a problem when he burnt his dinner because he couldn’t hear the nearby oven alarm - however after ear surgery at the Treatment Centre Imran won’t be wasting any more food!

Imran said: “At first I was just frustrated about ruining my dinner – but when I thought about it afterwards it was strange that I couldn’t hear the oven alarm, which was only a few metres away.  My friends had been joking recently about the fact I was always asking them to repeat themselves – they thought I just wasn’t listening!  When I put two and two together I knew something was wrong.”

Imran went to his GP, who after some initial tests referred him to the Treatment Centre, where he met ENT consultant Des Watson: “The consultant immediately knew what was wrong.  To be honest I had a pre-conceived idea of consultants based on previous experiences, but the consultant at the Treatment Centre was really personable, friendly and explained everything clearly.”

It was found that Imran had a build up of fluid behind his eardrum which was muffling his hearing. He needed Grommets (very small tubes) to be inserted into the eardrum to release the fluid and allow his hearing to return to normal. He was booked in for the procedure just a few days after his initial consultation:  “It was a really quick process.  Before I knew it I was back meeting the nurses and consultant again and ready for my procedure.”

Imran, originally from Chester, is back at home for the next few weeks before returning to Southampton for a new term.  He says he rates the Treatment Centre among the best hospitals he has been in: “I just thought the whole place was great.  The atmosphere seemed relaxed and fun but professional, the waiting areas were clean and lovely and the whole process was very efficient from start to finish.”


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