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Margaret Raymond from Swaythling can now see properly again, after having cataract surgery on both eyes at Southampton Treatment Centre.

Margaret first noticed she had a problem with her eyesight whilst on holiday in Malta. Margaret said: “I kept losing my footing and falling over.  Looking back, the pavement seemed a lot closer than it actually was, hence me falling over all the time.” 

When Margaret returned from her holiday she visited her optician straight away, who discovered that she had cataracts.  Her optician then wrote a letter to her GP informing him that treatment would be required on both eyes.  Margaret said: “I received my pre assessment appointment through just a couple of weeks after returning from Malta and then less than two weeks later I was in having my first cataract done!”

The first procedure went smoothly and Margaret immediately noticed the improvement.  She then returned a few months later to have her other cataract operated on.

She commented: “On both occasions the consultant was lovely and listened carefully to everything I had to say.  The treatment was explained thoroughly and I really felt at ease.  I also found the staff were cheerful all the time, always had a smile on their face and nothing seemed to get neglected.”

Margaret’s husband, Edwin accompanied her to the Centre and was equally impressed with the service his wife received and, most notably, its standard of cleanliness.

Edwin said: “The Centre is very clean.  There were plenty of disinfectant dispensers around the building and they were always full.  All the staff were always cleaning their hands and they do a great job.  The nice thing is that they all have a joke with you but do not neglect their duties in any way.  We were both so impressed with the Treatment Centre that we even wrote a letter to the Daily Echo so others could read about our positive experience.”

Shortly after the surgery on her second Cataract, Margaret required a knee replacement and chose to come back to Southampton Treatment Centre for the procedure.


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