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People in South Yorkshire and the East Midlands who are suffering with carpal tunnel syndrome can now access faster diagnosis and treatment at Barlborough NHS Treatment Centre near Chesterfield.

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a relatively common condition affecting around three in 100 men and five in 100 women at some point in their lives.  Symptoms range from mild to severe including pain, numbness and a burning or tingling sensation in the hand and fingers.  For some people, it can appear and disappear over a period of time and can be managed with some or no medical treatment but a small number of people are advised that surgery will be the best option.

The Centre, operated by Care UK, is now able to perform nerve conduction studies on the premises which means quicker diagnosis of carpal tunnel syndrome and other similar nerve conditions.  The test involves passing small electric impulses through the hand and wrist to test how quickly messages pass through the median nerve.  The new diagnostic equipment will allow patients to get their results and find out if surgery is needed within a matter of minutes and at the same appointment, saving time and hassle.

Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, Ferenc Toth said: “The new equipment will give us a test result within ten minutes which we can then use to assess the patient’s symptoms.  The test results will be used alongside a scoring system used nationally to assess pain and function for patients that may require carpal or cubital tunnel treatment or ulnar nerve release.  The test itself is quick and painless but the sensation may feel a little unusual.”

General Manager, Graeme Kendall said: “We are delighted we can offer this new one-stop service at Barlborough as traditionally many patients across the region have had to be referred elsewhere for diagnosis.  This results in a lengthy wait and extra appointments often involving additional travelling for the patient.  By having the full service under one roof, we eliminate the need for extra appointments and travel which is extremely helpful for those with busy lifestyles.  We are hoping that in the near future, we can streamline the service even further by offering diagnosis in the morning and, where required, carry out the surgery in the afternoon.”

Patient Tracey Bramley from Boston, Lincolnshire said: “I had my carpal tunnel operation at the beginning of March and just wanted to thank everyone for the excellent care I was given.  Everyone was friendly and put me at ease, especially Charlotte who looked after me in the theatre as I was very nervous.”

To access the service, patients simply need to visit their GP and ask to be referred to Barlborough NHS Treatment Centre.  For more information, please call 0333 200 4066.

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