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Setting the record straight regarding Eccleshill Treatment Centre

Company news

There has been some misinformation circulating in the local media regarding the reasons for Care UK ending its contract and leaving the Eccleshill Treatment Centre later this summer and we would like to set the record straight.

We were very disappointed to hear the decision not to award a contract following the recent procurement exercise for Eccleshill Treatment Centre.  However, it is not true to imply that Care UK was asking for future payments to be higher than those tariffs which are set nationally.

Both prior to, and during, the procurement Care UK, advised the commissioner that, in its opinion, some of the equipment in the centre such as the cross-sectional imaging diagnostic machines (MRI and CT scanners) were coming to the end of their useful life and to provide a good and reliable service going forward these would need to be replaced at a substantial cost.

Naturally, we understand that this cost needs to be covered by the payments received for treating patients.  However, the contract terms set within the procurement were such that with the limited range and volume of activity our bid could not be sustainable or viable in financial terms. 

Three years isn’t long enough to recoup the capital costs required unless we had been allowed to offer a wider range of procedures.  We invited the commissioners on several occasions to discuss this issue but were unable to engage satisfactorily.  The commissioners subsequently decided not to award the contract being procured to us or any other provider.

At no point have we ever asked for higher tariff payments for future work in Bradford. Care UK fully understands the tariff system by which all providers are paid and, throughout our healthcare provision, works within these terms.

Under our management since 2010, we have sought to work closely with commissioners and GPs to develop the scope of what has been provided at the Eccleshill Treatment Centre in order to maintain a vibrant, viable and sustainable facility.

Now that commissioners have decided to take a different approach towards the provision of these services, Care UK will, on the 7th July 2014, have to leave the centre as our contract expires.

Our primary concerns right now are to continue treating patients in the centre up to the end of the contract and to, as best we can, secure future employment for the fantastic group of highly professional colleagues working there. Where appropriate, and possible, we will seek to redeploy colleagues into other Care UK services. Additionally, we will create opportunities for our colleagues to meet with other health care providers in the area to help them secure future employment.

We are now working closely with NHS Property Services, commissioners and other parts of the local health economy to ensure that transitional arrangements for patients are put in place and that the centre is handed back to NHS colleagues in an appropriate condition.  

Until the contract ends on the 7th July, we will remain open and look forward to providing a range of health services for the local community.  Eccleshill NHS Treatment Centre is a high performing service which has, for many years, delivered excellent, innovative care and been highly praised by patients.

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