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Meet our friendly care team

Cleves Place is full of fantastic people who give 110% to residents. From our expert catering team, to our carers and nurses – and our resident dog, Noella – we’re all passionate about making each day the best it can be for residents. Find out more about us on these pages.

Clare Mooney

Home Manager

Clare Mooney

I joined Cleves Place in 2015 as I liked Care UK’s vision and values.

The home has a great family atmosphere and we have a fantastic team here who work really well together to deliver the best care and experience for residents.

I love being able to make a difference to a resident’s life. If I can complete my shift knowing a resident has smiled and is happy I feel I have achieved my goal. I also enjoy empowering colleagues to do their best work. 

I’ve been working in the care sector for over twenty years and I enjoy sharing my knowledge with new colleagues and watching them grow in confidence in their role. 

I also like to keep learning and developing my own skills. One of my biggest professional challenges has been completing my Level 5 Diploma in Management. I’ve also had an article published in a palliative care publication.

Lottie Linton
Deputy Manager

I’d not worked in the care sector prior to joining Care UK in 2015.

I wanted a Business Administration role, which is what I started doing here. However, I love people and creating bonds with them, and I instantly fell in love with the care environment and supporting older people.

Becoming Deputy Manager at Cleves Place has been the highlight of my career, and a huge privilege for me. I sometimes have to pinch myself to remind myself that I’ve achieved what I have. But that’s the great part of working for Care UK. If you’re committed and passionate about what you do, and you work hard, Care UK rewards you with recognition and promotion. 

Every day is different in a care home but they’re never boring! Each day usually involves juggling about 20 different things, but, with a sense of humour and a brilliant team, anything’s possible. The best part of the day is when I get to walk around the home and enjoy special moments with residents. 

Jill Moss
Lifestyle Coordinator

I used to be a registered nurse but joined the team at Cleves Place as a lifestyle coordinator in 2016.

I’ve always enjoyed working with people and find this job interesting and rewarding. To be successful in this role you have to be able to communicate effectively with the team and with residents, as well as being creative in exploring new opportunities for residents of all abilities to enjoy.

My highlight of the working day has to be when we take either the mobile shop, ice creams or ‘jolly trolley’ (bar) around the home as I love seeing and chatting to all the residents. Making a positive difference to the lives of residents makes the job so worthwhile.

Outside of work I like to unwind by baking, gardening and spending time with my children and grandchildren.

Mark Smith
Head Chef

My catering background is varied, ranging from 24 years in the armed forces as a caterer, to being a Head Chef in a restaurant.

I’ve cooked for HM The Queen as well as for John Major when he was PM, and I’ve organised the catering for a regiment of soldiers on tour overseas! I was intrigued by the idea of care home catering, and attracted by Care UK’s ‘Dining with dignity’ ethos, so when this role came up at Cleves Place I thought I’d apply.

Patience, attention to detail and an ability to think on your feet and be flexible are all vital in this role. Lunch, and the build up to it, is the most hectic part of the day. Once that’s out of the way the team and I can plan for the next day, and have a chat with the residents to find out how they are and what they’re enjoying about the food service we’re delivering.

There’s a great team here at Cleves Place, and I’m enjoying getting to know them as well as the needs and tastes of the residents we care for. Being new to this sector means that I’ve had to learn new systems and ways of working, but everyone has been really welcoming and supportive. I look forward to repaying them by delivering great food and a great service to the residents.

Jennifer Knight
Day Club Manager

I feel that we provide an important service here at the day club: we’re helping older local people to continue living independently.

We give them and their family extra support and a vital change of scene plus something to look forward to. Members make new friends here.

I love coming in and seeing all our members, giving them any help they need and helping them to enjoy their time here. Thanks to our understanding of health and care, we can make a difference to families by spotting any health issues that their loved one may have, which they may not have realised.

Away from work I like to eat out, enjoy time with my family and I like to go off exploring in my caravan. I find it really relaxing.

Sarah Smees
Business Administrator

I’ve been at Cleves Place since the day it opened and have been promoted twice in three years, which I’m very proud of.

Since moving into this role, I’ve enjoyed setting things up properly, and helping to resolve people’s problems. It helps to be approachable and a good listener in this role.

The home team and residents are like another family to me – I look forward to coming to work. I’d say that the afternoons are my favourite part of the day here. That’s the time we often have entertainers come in to perform for the residents. Music and singing are very popular here and everyone gets very involved!

Anna Kidd
Head Housekeeper

I joined Care UK in 2014.

I was a domestic at one of the old Suffolk County Council homes that closed, and this job came up, so I applied. It’s challenging and rewarding to oversee a team of eight people, but we’re focused on sorting out any issues residents have and making sure they’re happy. Everything we do is for residents.

I enjoy doing my rounds and the chats and stories with residents – we have lots of laughs – it’s definitely the highlight of my day. There’s a very friendly atmosphere here at Cleves Place and you get to meet all sorts of people. Every day’s different, and I like that aspect. 

In my free time I like to unwind with a bit of bingo, by watching the soaps, listening to music and crocheting! 

Glen Bradley

I’ve been with the Cleves Place team over three years and love the way this role makes the most of my people and maintenance skills.

Before I worked here I was a store manager for a furniture company. I’ve also worked as a sheet metal engineer/welder and as ambulance crew.

I enjoy managing my own time and the tasks I need to do so everything gets done properly. I also like the variety this role brings. One minute you can be chatting to a resident, the next fixing an issue and the next liaising with external contractors. The best part of my day is my ‘paper round’ in the morning. It’s a chance to say hello to the residents, find out how they are and if there’s anything I can do for them.

Canine Relations Manager

I love coming to work with my human mum.

I make sure I say hello to everyone and I keep people happy throughout the day – I love meeting new people. There are 60 residents at Cleves Place. When you add on the staff too, that’s a lot of people to cuddle, so I do like to have a lie down whenever I can.

You should have been here on my first day at Cleves Place. I met so many people and was the star of the show all day. I snuggled in laps and on beds. I got snacks too. 

There’s much more to me than ‘cute and cuddly’. I’m a good guard dog, and I like to help when there are food spillages. I’m faster on the clean up than any electric vacuum cleaner.

When I’m at home I like to sleep a lot, or I enjoy unwinding with a trip to the beach. I love to swim! I do my best not to get dirty, but I just can’t help it. Hope to see you soon at Cleves Place!

Our experienced teams

Every day Care UK colleagues live our values of passionate, caring and teamwork to empower residents to enjoy fulfilling lives.


Our hardworking teams always keep individuals and their families at the heart of the care they provide. We work with you to shape the care your loved one receives, the food they’re served, the activities and experiences they want to do – even the ways they prefer to keep in touch with their friends and family. 


The nurses at Care UK are highly skilled and receive sector-leading training, which enables them to keep developing expertise in different clinical fields from dementia to palliative care.


Our dedicated lifestyle teams work hard to organise a range of activities and events at our home. From gardening and baking to quizzes, music sessions and even live entertainment. Above all, we get to know your loved one to make sure our activities are tailored to suit their interests and hobbies.

Home support roles

From catering to maintenance, housekeeping to administration, our home support teams play a crucial part in ensuring individuals enjoy an exceptional and safe service every day.

All our teams get to know each person they care for to ensure they provide a service that’s designed around their unique needs and tastes. 

Infection control

Each of our homes have a trained Infection Control and Prevention Champion – they are responsible for carrying out daily infection control audit and ensuring cleaning protocols are meticulously applied.