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What is a nursing care plan?

About care homes

A nursing care plan sets out a person’s nursing needs and highlights how these will be met.  

It ensures that care home nurses, residents and their families can communicate about an individual's treatment. 


Why is it important? 

Nursing care plans are important for providing excellent person-centred care, where the individual is at the heart of their care. This means all new residents’ wishes and expectations are detailed in their care plan, so they are fully involved in their move to a Care UK care home. 

We believe you should be able to take your life with you on your care journey. That’s why we take the time to get to know every resident so we can understand their wants and needs and tailor their care to deliver the best possible support – not only so they are safe and healthy, but also so they feel happy and fulfilled. 


What does a care plan include? 

A resident’s care needs, the resources available to support them and any actions their care team will take to meet those needs are all included in a care planA care plan is unique to the individual, and it is put together and agreed upon by the resident as well as their relatives.  

We believe it’s important to involve family members in developing and reviewing care plans, and we’ll assess your loved one’s nursing care plan each month or more frequently if needed. 

Read more about  arranging a care plan. 


What are the priorities of nursing care? 

Our dedicated nurses care for residents who have a higher level of needs which require round-the-clock medical support. These could be long-term illnesses, complex conditions or recovery after being discharged from hospital. 

Whether a resident needs short-term  convalescent care or  long -term care for a chronic or progressive condition, our compassionate and skilled nurses will have the chance to build relationships with and get to know each person they care for.  

Read about our approach to quality nursing care to discover more about the training and support we provide for our colleagues so they can deliver safe and effective care. 


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