Golfer Chris "breathes again" thanks to Treatment Centre procedure

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Keen Golfer Chris from Romsey can “breathe again”, after having surgery on his nose at Southampton Treatment Centre.

Chris had damaged his nose over the years playing rugby and, coupled with the fact he suffers from chronic Asthma, it had left him with breathing difficulties and suffering from pains in his sinuses for over a year.

Chris said: “The problem was giving me real difficulties.  I was having major problems breathing properly and for eighteen holes of golf I would need to have three or four puffs on my inhaler – it was a bit of a struggle to be honest.”

Chris visited his GP about the problem, who then referred him onto the Treatment Centre for a meeting with a specialist ENT Consultant:

“The process moved very quickly as soon as I was referred.  I was seen within a few weeks and the Consultant said I needed two procedures to help my problem, which could be done in one visit.  I was then booked in for the operation just a couple weeks later and although that one had to be cancelled as I had a bad cold, it was again just two weeks later that it got rescheduled for – I couldn’t believe it!”

Although Chris was delighted with how quickly everything progressed, he remained “nervous” about having the procedure:

“I’ve got to say I was somewhat anxious about the whole thing.  It’s not something I was looking forward to, however when I arrived the staff, especially the nurses, were excellent and put me at ease.  I had seen all the relevant people including the surgeon within forty five minutes of arriving, there was no waiting around - I didn’t even have time to read the paper!”

After an overnight stay and a short recovery period, Chris is back on the Golf Course and now his inhaler doesn’t even need to come out of the bag.

He said:  “I can breathe properly again thanks to the Treatment Centre.  Their staff and facilities are brilliant and they are a credit to the healthcare service.  I can’t thank them enough.”


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