Life at
Hartismere Place

Trusted to care in Eye, Suffolk


The Hartismere Place care home team is committed to your loved one’s care, happiness and independence

We take pride in creating comfortable, safe surroundings where there’s a warm family atmosphere, designed to promote independence and wellbeing for the people we care for.

Facilities at our home

Enjoy expert care and daily activities in bright, safe and clean surroundings.

  • Cafe
  • Garden
  • Activities room
  • Hair and beauty salon
  • Cinema room
  • Shop
  • Minibus for outings
  • Local shops nearby
  • Church Services

Meaningful lifestyles

Life doesn’t stop when moving into a care home – our highly trained and passionate lifestyle team organise activities, events and entertainment that your loved one will enjoy. They are also more than welcome to get involved in planning and organising activities. At Hartismere Place we happily support residents with any lifestyle wishes.

Maintaining independence

Living in a care home doesn’t mean you have to lose your independence. We understand it’s vital for older people to maintain their routines and have a sense of purpose. We will support your loved one to live as independently as they can, and provide them with a safe environment. We find this caring attention can often give them a renewed lease of life and freedom, and this allows them to gain confidence once again.

At Hartismere Place we empower residents to make important decisions about the day-to-day running of their care home via our resident meetings.

Tailored to you

When your loved one joins us, we take the time to get to know them and create a tailored care and lifestyle plan. To ensure they settle and are comfortable at Hartismere Place, we find out all their likes and dislikes, which will help them relax and ease them into their new home.

All our residents at Hartismere Place have a life story book where we record their hobbies, family and friends, jobs, routines, holidays – even their favourite foods. This content goes towards the basis of their care, and we continue to fill this out with memories from Hartismere Place.

Activities and outings

Residents will enjoy our location close to Eye and the beautiful Suffolk countryside. Our lifestyle team often organise trips out of the home to many local places of interest such as Thornham Walks and local garden centres. A trip to nearby Michael Burke Wellness Centre is a firm favourite too where residents enjoy a coffee morning, a reminiscing session and even bingo!

Integrational activities are a huge part of life here at Hartismere Place, we have a great relationship with a local primary school, where we recently shared the hobby of gardening.

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Our lifestyle team

Our dedicated lifestyle team organise activities, entertainment, outings and experiences. Residents enjoy weekly clubs allowing them to get creative through art and in the garden. Our seated exercise classes and baking challenges are also very popular with residents. We understand group activities aren’t for everyone, so we will spend one-to-one time with your loved one, if that’s what they’d prefer.

Wishing trees

Residents still have goals and wishes they want to achieve. That’s why at our home residents can tell us something they’d like to do, and we do our best to make it happen. One of our residents wanted to get back to the gym aged 73, after thirteen years of not going – so we arranged personal training sessions for the resident to enjoy.

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Meaningful lifestyles

Tempting, tasty and nutritious

Our chef-led catering team serves up delicious and nutritious hot and cold meal choices made from fresh ingredients and tailored to your loved one’s personal tastes, diet and cultural needs. 

Every aspect of living in a Care UK care home is tailored to each resident’s needs and preferences, including food and dining.

When an individual moves into a Care UK home, our professional chefs meet with them to learn about their favourite foods and dietary needs. These details are included in their care plan, which is regularly reviewed and updated as their needs change.

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We’re committed to helping residents to eat well and stay hydrated. Every meal is home-cooked and freshly prepared each day. What’s more, all the fruit and vegetables we serve are grown by, or sourced from, local businesses.

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Care UK’s expert chefs combine creativity with an in-depth knowledge of nutrition for older people. Our head chefs work as part of their home’s management team to deliver a holistic, personalised approach to care for each resident. They are a key and highly visible member of the leadership team and can often be found in the lounges chatting to residents about food. They know each resident’s dietary and dining needs as well as their preferences. They work with clinical and care colleagues to support residents with weight management.

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Care UK care homes offer a dining experience that enables residents to maintain their independence and dine with dignity. Our teams support residents to make mealtime choices in a way that best suits them. We show residents plated meals to support them to make choices, and if one-to-one support is needed, a colleague will sit with an individual to help them to eat at a comfortable pace.

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Tempting, tasty and nutritious
Tempting, tasty and nutritious
Tempting, tasty and nutritious

Relative satisfaction survey for Hartismere Place

Staff treating your relative with kindness, dignity and respect

Comfort of your relative’s room


Safety and cleanliness procedures for visitors are effective


Staff knowing your relative as an individual

Source: Care UK Relative Satisfaction Survey - August 21/March 22. Based on a sample of 19.


We’ve brought together many of the questions that families often ask us and our friendly team can answer anything else you might need to know.


At Care UK we’re passionate about helping residents to stay active and independent. That’s why we’ll get to know your loved one’s personality and hobbies to support them to enjoy a meaningful lifestyle, with experiences and activities that reflect their interests. Each of our homes runs a range of daily group and one-to-one activities, all tailored to residents’ interests. These range from gentle exercise, to music sessions, arts and crafts, gardening, visits from local entertainers, baking, plus trips out to local shops, garden centres and places of interest. All our homes offer different options because their residents are different. We even have homes where residents lead the classes, prepare the vegetables for meals, or run the in-home shop. We promise to support your loved one to be as involved and as busy as they want to be.

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The majority of our homes provide en-suite facilities, and residents have their own flatscreen TV, phone and internet connections in their rooms. Many of our homes, particularly our new-build homes, have ground floor bedrooms with doors that open out onto secure, landscaped gardens, so residents in these rooms even have their own small patio areas with seating and pot plants. We believe in helping residents to continue enjoying a superb lifestyle, with a range of daily activities tailored around their interests and preferences. Many of our homes arrange regular outings, performances from local entertainers, and much more besides.

We understand that having help with bathing and toileting when you’ve been used to looking after yourself can be embarrassing and frustrating. Each resident has a key worker (a main carer) who will support them in this area to minimise embarrassment. Having en-suite facilities also helps to maximise comfort and privacy. Our staff are discreet and highly trained and dedicated to supporting your loved one with dignity. Our homes have assisted bathing facilities if a resident’s physical needs are such that they need intensive support. However, where a resident is able to do even the basics for themselves, we’ll always support them, in order to maximise their independence.

While we don’t offer specific flats or suites for couples in our homes, we do believe in tailoring our care to suit the needs of residents. If both people require residential or nursing care, we can organise next door, or even adjoining, rooms.

As we get older our appetites do change, and older people who are living with other conditions, such as dementia or dysphagia (difficulty swallowing) can need enhanced support to ensure they’re eating and drinking enough. One of Care UK’s key areas of focus is food, and helping residents to dine with dignity, whatever their needs. Many of our homes have chef-led catering teams who produce delicious and nutritious meals made from the freshest ingredients. When a resident has problems with managing their weight this will be part of their care plan, and we’ll work with them and their family to work towards an effective solution.

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Care UK’s ethos is all about helping people to live fulfilling lives. This includes enabling people to do the things they love and live as independent a life as possible. Our homes have lovely secure gardens that are wheelchair friendly, and that residents can access whenever they wish. They’re welcome to help with gardening, to re-stock bird tables and feeders, to take a stroll, or simply sit and enjoy the sunshine. To support residents who are living with dementia, we use many plants chosen for their sensory properties of scent, texture and colour.

Yes, all our rooms are en-suite. If you have any questions please call us - we’ll be happy to help.