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Our team at
Hartismere Place

Trusted to care in Eye, Suffolk
Rated 'Outstanding' by the CQC

Trusted to care in Eye, Suffolk
Rated 'Outstanding' by the CQC|With 40 years’ experience,
Care UK are experts in delivering award winning care|Care UK is the most awarded care home provider with more outstanding homes in the UK|Discover why Care UK is trusted to care by over 9,000 families


Meet our friendly care team

It’s good to be able to put a name to a face, and to see some of the people who may be caring for your loved one. Our team come from all sorts of backgrounds and have some interesting stories to tell, but we’re all singleminded in our determination to deliver the best care to your loved one.

Claire Martin

Home Manager

Claire Martin

I’ve worked for Care UK for nearly a decade now.

Before joining the organisation I was a laboratory technician and a registered childminder. When I was looking for a new challenge, I heard great things about Care UK and how its people were supported to develop. That’s certainly been my experience. I started as a carer and have worked my way up.

I’ve been at Hartismere Place since 2018 as Deputy Manager, so I know everyone here very well. I’ve seen the home grow and flourish, but there’s always more we can do to improve how we work and what we offer to residents, and I’m looking forward to continuing to enhance what we do.  

I love walking around the home and having lovely interactions with the residents. They make my day, as do the great colleagues I work alongside. There’s always a lot of laughter at Hartismere Place, which creates a great atmosphere. 

Outside of work I’m a keen biker, my husband and I ride all over East Anglia. I also enjoy gardening, spending time with my family, and socialising with friends. 

Rebecca Calver
Deputy Manager

I’ve been with Care UK since December 2012. I actually transferred from working for Suffolk County Council when the home I was in was taken over by Care UK. I liked the values and support network that Care UK provides. I

I love seeing the differences – large and small – that our team makes to residents’ lives simply by building up relationships with them and their families. Each of us takes huge pride in making Hartismere Place a caring and supportive home with a family atmosphere, and I think it shows. 

Angela Hodge
Senior Customer Relations Manager

Before moving to Care UK in 2014 I helped to establish a team of dementia support workers at the Norfolk and Norwich Hospital. We supported patients living with dementia, giving information and advice to their families and carers. Here I’m doing something very similar for families who are looking for residential care for a loved one.

I love building relationships with families, supporting them and offering guidance to help them make the right decision for them about residential care. I’m passionate about doing the best for residents – it’s a very difficult time for them and their families.

Sue Lewis
Lifestyle Coordinator

I moved into working in the Lifestyle team having worked as a Care Assistant/Senior Care Assistant. This experience has been extremely useful, giving me patience and empathy for the people I’m supporting. 

Everything we do at Hartismere Place is resident led, even though my team will have a plan of the activities we might do with the residents on any given day, that could all change if the residents want to do something else. It helps to be flexible, creative and to be able to think on your feet in this role! Having said that, baking, gardening club and art club are always favourites with the residents. 

Work keeps me busy, and I’m equally active in my free time when you might find me watercolour, or portrait, painting, playing the flute, enjoying long walks or swimming.

Carol Nice
Lifestyle Lead

I’ve been part of the Hartismere Place team since 2018. I have a background as a care worker, and I’ve also worked in business administration and payroll.

When I moved to Eye in 2018 I was keen to get back into working in the care sector, while using my admin skills.

The best part of my day is walking around the home early in the morning when I get in and chatting to residents, their relatives and members of the team.

I’m most looking forward to developing the important area of lifestyles here at Hartismere Place.

Kerry-Ann Moore
Day Centre Manager

I’ve worked in care for many years, particularly dementia-friendly homes and centres. I have undertaken many training courses related to dementia and mental health.

Before joining Care UK, I worked in a domiciliary setting as a Head of Care up until the beginning of 2023, when I joined Hartismere Place. I knew a lot of people who enjoyed working for Care UK, and when I looked around the home all the residents here were happy and enjoying life.

My role in the day club is to make older people feel supported and understood and also to provide support to their carers or family members. The day club helps people to feel less isolated, and they get to make great new friends while they are with us. Seeing people’s faces light up while they are at the day centre makes me proud of what I do. I love getting to know everyone, and I always end up learning something new from them.

I think you need to be fun, creative and friendly in this role. It’s helpful to have a positive outlook on things and not be afraid to join in. It's also important to be approachable and have a good sense of humour.

I like to go to the gym in my spare time. I’m a big foodie too, so I like to go out and try new foods and restaurants. I'm also kept busy at home with my three dogs and love going out on walks with them in the forests nearby.

Daniel Street
Head Chef

I’ve worked as a Senior Sous Chef in private education, and as a Head Chef in contract catering. I also used to be in the RAF and was Head Chef for the Red Arrows! I joined the team at Hartismere Place in 2022 when I was looking to use my skills in a new setting. 

You can’t overstate the importance of great food and a rewarding dining experience for residents' health and wellbeing. When you make people smile through food, they’re engaged, they eat more, and the benefit in different ways. It’s also a very social experience too. Care UK’s ‘dining with dignity’ approach is very inspiring, and I’m enjoying bringing it to life at Hartismere Place. 

One of the best parts of my day is walking around the home’s suites chatting to the residents about their day and the meals we serve them. It’s a great way to learn more about people’s lives and foods they’ve enjoyed in the past, and to get ideas for future dishes. 

Joanne Dye
Business Administrator

Before joining the team at Hartismere Place I spent many years working in childcare in a preschool. I think many of the skills I learnt in that role are useful in this one, including being a good listener, problem solving, being approachable and kind, and able to multitask!

While it’s been quite a career change for me moving into the care sector, I love every part of my role here at Hartismere Place. Each day brings lots of variety, including speaking to residents and their families, supporting the team, and continuing to learn about the care sector. There’s a lot to keep me busy!

Outside of work I enjoy keeping fit and I do a lot of different running events. I also enjoy more sedate activities, including sewing and crafts, yoga, spending time with my family, and looking after my two dogs and two cats.  

Katie Williams

I’ve been in care for 21 years, working in different care homes and looking after my two disabled brothers between work. I joined Hartismere Place in 2019 because of its friendly reputation.

I love my job and where I work. I take my dog Teddy to Hartismere Place every day, and to see the smile on residents’ and visitors’ faces is just priceless. I started as a carer, but I’ve worked my way up and gained new skills to join the maintenance team and become head of my department.

As well as having maintenance skills, it’s important to be a good communicator and be friendly and polite in this role. I’ve met such an incredible team of people at Hartismere Place, and I enjoy working with the amazing residents. They bring so much joy to me every day.

Outside of work, I have five children, two dogs and six rabbits, plus an amazing husband who supports me all the way.

Canine Relations Manager

I belong to Katie, who works here, and she adopted me in 2016. I was a few years old at that point and had already had some adventures: I started life in a puppy farm and was then owned by a nice older couple.

I’m a Pomeranian, or ‘Pom’, and, while we may be little, we have big personalities. We’re loyal and friendly and we know what we want! We’re also rather gorgeous. To stay that way, I have a haircut every couple of months. I like to look my best for the residents and their families.

I do the ‘meets and greets’ here at Hartismere Place. I have a bed in reception so I can say hello to visitors and make sure everyone’s behaving themselves. I’m also excellent at collecting cuddles, tummy rubs and treats from the residents and team. 

It can be tiring being gorgeous, so I like to unwind by lying on the sofa, watching Eastenders and eating custard creams. See you soon at Hartismere Place!

Our experienced teams

Every day Care UK colleagues live our values of passionate, caring and teamwork to empower residents to enjoy fulfilling lives.


Our hardworking teams always keep individuals and their families at the heart of the care they provide. We work with you to shape the care your loved one receives, the food they’re served, the activities and experiences they want to do – even the ways they prefer to keep in touch with their friends and family. 


The nurses at Care UK are highly skilled and receive sector-leading training, which enables them to keep developing expertise in different clinical fields from dementia to palliative care.


Our dedicated lifestyle teams work hard to organise a range of activities and events at our home. From gardening and baking to quizzes, music sessions and even live entertainment. Above all, we get to know your loved one to make sure our activities are tailored to suit their interests and hobbies.

Home support roles

From catering to maintenance, housekeeping to administration, our home support teams play a crucial part in ensuring individuals enjoy an exceptional and safe service every day.

All our teams get to know each person they care for to ensure they provide a service that’s designed around their unique needs and tastes. 

Infection control

Each of our homes have a trained Infection Control and Prevention Champion – they are responsible for carrying out daily infection control audit and ensuring cleaning protocols are meticulously applied.