Physiotherapy at Manor Lodge

Our unique in-house physiotherapy service is central to helping residents to rediscover independence and quality of life.

Manor Lodge is unique within Care UK, and within the Chelmsford area, for having our own full-time physiotherapist and specialist physiotherapy gym. 

Our physiotherapist, Ria, works with any Manor Lodge residents who would benefit from physiotherapy and supports them with tailored, consistent and ongoing treatment. So popular is the service that we recently recruited a physiotherapy assistant to support Ria. 


Why is physiotherapy so important?

Physiotherapy is key to enabling any person – whatever their age – to recover their mobility after an injury. Its importance for older people can’t be overstated: physiotherapy can make all the difference to a person’s health and wellbeing, particularly after an operation or a fall. 

Juliana, the home manager at Manor Lodge, has an orthopaedics background and a strong drive for residents’ rehabilitation and independence.


Everything we do at Manor Lodge is about enabling older people to rediscover quality of life, and physiotherapy is fundamental to that. We don’t give up on residents. Ria works with the nurses and carers here and we strive to turn a person’s poor prognosis around.

Juliana MilesHome Manager

How does it work?

Ria and her assistant work from their base in the physiotherapy gym at Manor Lodge. They assess each resident to get to know and understand the person they work with, finding meaningful ways to build their confidence, motivate them to do their exercises, and encourage them to mobilise. 

“We support each resident to achieve their mobility goals safely and at their own pace,” says Ria. “An intervention can be small or large, depending on a person’s needs. But it can make all the difference to their quality of life.” 

Life-enhancing care

Together the Manor Lodge nursing, care and physiotherapy teams have produced some incredible outcomes for residents and their families. 

One lady was moved to Manor Lodge from Colchester Hospital, where she’d been bedbound for many weeks after a fall. The hospital prognosis was poor. At Manor Lodge, she began physiotherapy sessions with Ria. Two years later she’s climbing flights of stairs and walks with only a stick. She is about to return home to her husband.

Another lady, who has been bedridden for two years in another care home is now sitting in a wheelchair and enjoying a much better life at Manor Lodge. She’s eating better, and engaging with her family – she’s happier and stronger. 


Through physiotherapy and tailored care, we’re helping to give people their lives back, and we’re giving relatives back their loved ones.

Juliana MilesHome Manager

Part of our ‘outstanding’ service

One of the reasons why Manor Lodge is rated 'outstanding' by the CQC is the way we listen to residents' views and shape the home accordingly. Our physiotherapy service is part of our responsive approach. 

Our latest CQC report had this to say about the service.


There was a strong emphasis on promoting people's independence… We had lots of positive feedback from people and relatives on how working with the physiotherapist and staff had made a significant impact on people living at the service… One relative told us, "Staff organised a physio as soon as [my relative] came here, for her mobility… Already they've got her to walk to the lounge with the frame; she couldn't do that before."

An extract from our CQC report