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World Poetry Day

World Poetry Day

Care UK homes nationwide are celebrating World Poetry Day on 21 March. We would love for you to join us for some fun-filled rhyming activities!

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Adopted by UNESCO in 1999 as a means of reviving the reading and writing of poetry, this annual event is the perfect opportunity for people to come together and express their emotions and memories through literature.

How our homes are celebrating

From writing workshops and recitals of people’s favourite poems, to partnerships with primary schools, amateur dramatics groups and local theatres, there are many ways you can join us in promoting the art of poetry and the benefits of reading aloud.

Find your nearest participating care home.


Tips for everyday activities

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The sharing of poetry is just one of hundreds of great ideas for fun and meaningful activities families can enjoy, especially if they are caring for an older loved one at home and want to build something creative into their day.

Our As easy as ABC guide is full of ideas and tips for activities, including writing your own poetry, trying new crafts, sparking memories and creating conversations, as well as other suggestions for trips out and advice on the practical ways of helping older relatives to maintain their independence.

Download our As easy as ABC guide

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